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Now, with a brand new pair of plug-in hybrid fashions entering the range alongside everyday petrol- and diesel alternatives, the second-technology Peugeot 3008 seems set to preserve to prosper as it progresses thru the second one half of its showroom lifestyles.

Rather than trading on tough offroad capability or outright practicality, this is a car that seeks to mix distinguishing and sophisticated style both inside and out with a just-so blend of useful space, compactness and maneuverability. The more powerful plug-in hybrids adopt upgraded suspension as well as extra power in order to conjure a bit of dynamism into that equation, as we’ll explore shortly; and it was a ‘plug-in’ petrol-electric Hybrid 225, with lab-test carbon emission of just 31g/km, that we elected to test.

Peugeot 3008 design & styling

The 3008 is many of the smaller, inexpensive cars that adopts Peugeot’s big-vehicle model structure. known as ‘EMP2’, this platform also serves beneath the Peugeot 5008 and Peugeot 508 saloon, in addition to underneath larger fashions from Citroen, Vauxhall and DS vehicles. the usage of the platform permits Peugeot to provide completely independent suspension and 4-wheel pressure (through an electric powered rear axle) in higher-give up variations of the automobile; but it additionally guidelines out any pure electric powered derivative (move down a marketplace phase and you can choose an all-electric powered Peugeot e-2008 crossover hatchback, of path).

Turbocharged combustion engines mount transversely under the car’s bonnet and drive the front axle. They range in size from 1.2 litres and three cylinders up to 1.6 litres and four-cylinders; they take in both petrol and diesel options; and they offer between 128- and 178bhp for those who want a conventionally-powered option.

Peugeot claims significantly more potent performance for the Hybrid4, however: 6.1sec from 0-62mph performs 8.9-, with the Hybrid 225 being handiest 80kg the lighter of the pair. Our mid-spec test car weighed 1754kg on the proving ground scales, that is more or less what it ought to have weighed taking into account a full tank of fuel and some non-compulsory device. but less difficult, non-electrified versions of the auto are claimed to weigh as low as 1320kg.


The 3008 has an indoors that’s only averagely spacious for a compact SUV, however it’s decently flexible and smooth to berth, and there’s a feel of fashion and cloth flourish approximately it up front that keeps to distinguish it from its rivals even halfway thru the car’s lifestyles.

The motive force sits at a small, low-established guidance wheel and at the back of a high-set virtual device display, the number one controls being orientated within the ‘i-Cockpit’ format that Peugeot has been espousing for some time now, that is supposed to move the contraptions better at the dashboard (toward your herbal line of sight) and to transport the steering wheel inside the contrary route, closer to you. In other models the ergonomic layout can appear awkward and unintuitive – however, having a much less recumbent seating role than some of its rangemate, the 3008 makes affordable sense of the method. as long as you’re above common peak you’ll have little hassle seeing the virtual gadgets over the pinnacle of the guidance wheel rim; and at the same time as it feels extraordinary for some time having that wheel set so low in your lap, familiarity makes you used to it before lengthy.

The 3008’s infotainment machine has a 10in display screen in middle- and top-trim degree motors; and while it is able to be a bit bit complex to navigate by using itself, the row of piano key-fashion menu shortcut buttons without delay beneath it do make a large difference to usability when you’ve discovered them. That the automobile’s air con controls are at the screen itself can make for a number of menu-flicking (we usually decide on bodily and permanent HVAC controls), and it does seem to take several inputs to achieve quite simple obligations like finding a radio station or muting navigation commands. There’s no seperate guide enter tool for the system, so you ought to function it with the aid of the fingertip (or can, in a few cases, use voice commands). there is, as a minimum, a small ledge at the bottom of the display screen to anchor an outstretched hand on although, and so even the lengthier and greater complex methods aren’t as trying as they might be.

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